Wireless Partial Duplex communication Project

Current wireless systems are one-way, meaning that disjoint time or frequency segments are used to transmit and to receive. A link that can support the connection in only one direction at the same time is called half-duplex. A communication link with the capability to support connections in both transmit and receive directions at the same time and over the entire frequency band is called full-duplex, or two-way. It is generally not possible for radios to receive and transmit on the same frequency band because of the interference that results. In contrast to the widely accepted beliefs, some works show that two-way wireless is feasible with limited performance degradation. Full-duplex communication is currently used in many applications, e.g., wired telephones, digital subscriber line, wireless with directional antennas, and free-space optics.
Self-interference cancellation or Echo cancellation offers the potential to complement and sustain Two-Way communication, which can be utilized in wireless communication systems in multiple ways, including increased link capacity, spectrum virtualization, and enhanced interference coordination. Self-interference cancellation schemes (SICS) are expected to have a tremendous impact on Two-Way communication.
Full duplex is hard to realize because, when a radio transmits a signal, some of that energy is received by its own receiver. Because it is generated locally, this unwanted self-interference energy is billions of times (100 dB+) stronger than the desired receive signal.
With self-interference cancellation, future 5G generations of wireless applications will be implemented at a significantly reduced cost to everyone, operators, equipment manufacturers, and consumers.
For future 5G networks, the implication is that global harmonization of the spectrum would be achievable for the first time, facilitating international roaming and reducing the cost of mobile devices due to increased economies of scale.

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