How to install OMNET++

In the previous post, I have explained what is the OMNET++. Now I want to show you how to install Omnet++ on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. If you just follow these commands and instractions you will be able to install OMNET without any problem or issues.

System Requirements

OMNETPP can install on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. You can find the official installation document from here
If you are looking for How to install Simulte Step by step you can find it in my previous post. As already I mentioned to install simulte you need a specific version of Ubuntu and Omnet. Therefore, If you want to install simulte do not install Ubuntu 18.04 and omnet++ V5.5.x.

How to install Omnet++ on Ubuntu 18.04:

Open your terminal in Ubuntu and then copy and paste these lines.

Then enter your password.

Now you should update QT, then just copy and paste the following lines in your terminal:

open a new terminal change your directory to your download directory:

Download Omnet++ version 5.5.1 with this command or from here.

Now unzip the downloaded OMNET file:

Go inside the unzipped directory:

Set the environment:

Add the following line at the end of the file, then save it:

Now copy the path which is /home/user/Downloads/omnetpp-5.5.1

instead of the user, you will see your current username.

Copay and paste this line in your terminal:(Only change user with your current username)

Now close the current terminal which is very important 

Open your terminal in Ubuntu and then copy and paste these lines.

open a new terminal:

Now it’s a right time to configure your omnet++ through this line:

After this commend you should be able to see this message in figure II:

Install omnet++ on ubuntu 16.04

Figure II

As the last step you should insert this line in your terminal which this step based on your system configuration takes around 20 to 30 minutes:

When this step completed you should be able to run the OMNET++ with this command.

Up to here we successfully install Omnet++ on the Ubuntu now it is a time to download and install Simulte.

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