Coronavirus and us, from hackers to datasets on kaggle

Today I was looking for Coronavirus dataset then I found this interesting article in Persian and I translated it to English for those who are interested.

Coronavirus is booming, from good hackers (hacktivist ) which publicly releasing 5352 scientific articles related to Corona to hackers (Blackhat hackers) who turn people’s fears of Corona virus into malware and phishing and abuse campaigns.

But data sciences aren’t silenced either, and by the way, with a huge amount of data, at least can do some patterns which could be useful for other purposes. For now, the first step is to publish this data on the Keggel site [Kaggle, a subsidiary of Google LLC, is an online community of data scientists and machine learning practitioners.]. If you are in this area and you do not know Keggel, it is time to not only look at the whole story carefully. Keggel, which includes a time series on a number of items, includes:

Serial number
View date
The latest update
Number of confirmed catches
Number of confirmed deaths
Approved number of remedies


And then you can get all kinds of graphs and analysis. Johns Hopkins University presented this data as Google Datasheets. Of course, without accurate information on a topic, we can not make the right decision about that. Unless we have consistent information about something, we can’t say anything specific about it.


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